Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Post #214 - My Extended Absence Explained

For those that don't know, my wife (Sonia) and I are pet-sitting our way around the US this year ( Her employer (Airbnb) lets her work remotely, and my employer (Tropical Birding) doesn't care where I'm based because they need to fly me in and out to lead tours regardless. The map below attempts to illustrate our movements. The blue dots represent our house/pets sits, the yellow dots represent personal stops in between those responsibilities, and the green trace is our simplified driving trajectory. So what the heck are the black lines? Well, those are the various flights I've taken to lead the indicated tours. The lines from Kansas City to Denver to Houston and onto NW Arkansas might be confusing, so I'll lay that bit out verbally. We finished our sit in Kansas City on April 5, and I immediately flew to Denver to lead a tour April 5-16. When that tour ended, I flew to Houston to lead a Texas migration tour April 16-21. When that tour ended, I flew to Bentonville/Fayetteville in NW Arkansas and joined Sonia at a sit which she started on April 12 (while I was in CO).

Think that's confusing? Our current sit in Asheville runs May 3-14, but I will be leaving on Saturday the 7th to fly to Detroit to lead another tour through Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky which runs through May 19th. Sonia will finish the Asheville sit, spend May 14-18 with her sister outside Knoxville, then drive to meet me in Nashville on the 19th where we have another sit which runs until May 28. Our subsequent sit is in Chicago runs June 4 to 14. Then we fly to Philly to see my family for a week. Then back to Chicago. Then we have 3 days farm sitting outside Milwaukee. Then back to Chicago. Then I go to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia for another tour June 27-July 8. Sonia sits in Omaha on those days and we rendezvous in Denver on July 9. We then sit in Denver July 10-15. And then it's off to Africa for six weeks on July 16 (more on that later). Hell, planning six weeks through South Africa and Namibia is its own challenge, but do it on top of everything else we're doing and it's beyond hectic!

And that's why haven't written a thing since February. I am doing a lot of birding in the areas we're visiting, but the blog has really taken a backseat to logistics, pet-sitting, and pet-blogging ( I've also done very little photography this year. It takes time to learn new areas, and we're moving around so fast that I don't learn anywhere well enough to shoot it efficiently; I'd rather just go birding since it's easier. I did take some really nice photos on my Colorado Grouse tour, so I'll try to get those up in the next few weeks.

So, that's what's happening with me at the moment. I hope to have more time to write later in the year, but please know that communication will continue to be sporadic for the next few months.

OK, planning and dogs call. Later!

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