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Some of you might have asked, "What the heck is a Speckled Hatchback? I've never heard of that bird before!" Well, that's because its not a real bird! It's imaginary, and you can read the story behind that whole thing here. Anyway, I have used a photo of an immature Sooty Grouse to best approximate what a Speckled Hatchback *might* look like, but really your guess is as good as mine. So, with that, I would like to invite you to submit your own rendering of a Speckled Hatchback in any form - painting, wood carving, sculpture, whatever. I will display all submissions on this page, and I will add links to the webpages or portfolios of all contributing artists. So, this is a chance for you to create you own bird. The wackier, the better, so please get sketching!

Please email submissions (a photo of your rendering) to Feel free also to included a few sentences about your inspiration! 

Submission #1 - Nancy VanCott (PA). Watercolor. Received 1/8/17.
"The plumes help him attract a mate, and the 6-toed feet are special adaptations which help them run very, very fast... similar to the speed of a high-performance sports car.  The male especially needs to have feet that work like a wheel because he incubates the eggs on his lower back (the hatch).  The female lays her eggs on the bare prairie and the male quickly scoops them up with his strong tail.  Then they will remain safely cradled in his 'car seat' until they hatch!"

Submission #2 - Celja Uebel (CA). Rubber stamp. Received 1/11/17. Instagram @stampsbycelja for all your stamp needs!
"The flightless Speckled Hatchback, native to Joshua Tree, utilizes its rotund frame to roll across the desert like a tumbleweed. The nocturnal bird uses its large eyes to hunt its prey, the Yucca Moth. Despite conservation efforts, the increasingly rare bird remains on the endangered species list."

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