Monday, July 27, 2015

Post #30 - Sorry for the loooooonnnnnnnng absence - Updated photo collection posted!

Hello! I am so sorry that I haven't written anything in the last 16 days; I certainly feel like a bit of a slacker. Without going into too much detail, several factors have converged to make the last month virtually silent on the birding front. Family commitments, slow summer birding, and often overwhelming summer crowds have led the list of obstacles, though difficulty associated with my ongoing and painful adjustment to Southern California's car culture has also contributed. As a result of these obstacles, I have been pushing most of my free time into the book I am writing about my bicycling-birding adventure last year. I have now written ~82,000 words towards what I think will be a first draft of ~90,000. I am hoping to have the first draft ready to start shopping to publishers by the time fall migration is in full swing. Once I have the first draft done, I'll have a bit more time and energy.

In place of actual birding and photographing, I have spent an inordinate amount of time the last few months updating my Flickr photo collection. It now displays what I consider to be my favorite images - most of which have been reprocessed using tricks & techniques I have learned since I originally captured and processed them. The taxonomically-organized is still up and running, though I think many might find the running-feed format of Flickr easier to navigate. Here are a few samples to entice you to visit! 

Atlantic Puffin - Newfoundland

Least terns - Massachusetts

Chestnut-sided warbler - Massachusetts

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