Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Post #14 - Getting restless, plan for X-country trip, Colorado grouse!

The countdown is on! Only ten more days in New York City. I will head to Boston at the end of next week, pack our storage locker into a shipping cube the following weekend, and then immediately start the drive to rendezvous with Sonia in Los Angeles!

Right now this is the route I think I am going to take. Early April is generally slow birding as wintering stuff has mostly departed and the big push of spring birds has yet to arrive anywhere but the Gulf Coast. Luckily, Colorado grouse season is in full swing in Early April! My plan right now is to race west to Colorado where I will spend a few days chasing grouse around before continuing west to California. After the great lengths to which I went to tick the grouse on my bicycle Big Year last year, it would be sweet redemption to see a few of them on their lekking grounds this year. Anyone who has any advice or special access that they would be willing to share, please email me at or 

I am terribly sorry for the lack of content the last few weeks. There is ZERO going on birdwise in Manhattan at the moment, and without a car I haven't got many options. Even as spring is arriving I find myself housebound with some form of exhausting viral infection. I am also putting most of my writing efforts into my book at the moment. I have cranked out close to 35,000 words, so I am making good progress. Who knows how much of that will be in the final version, but the trick at this stage is just to get all of my stories, experiences, and thoughts onto the page. It slow but it's lots of fun!

Once I put a bigger dent in the book, I will be doing more conservation- and environment-centric writing on this blog. This will help to augment whatever bird content I can generate!

I promise there will be loads of content once I set up shop in LA. Please stay with me through the move and check back frequently!

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